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How to Read (and Study) The Master Key System

One of the most asked questions about The Master Key System sounds silly, but it is not as silly as it sounds. The question is – How does one read The Master Key System? You see, it does sound silly, until you realize that the book is divided into twenty-four chapters (weeks) and each chapter …

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How to Improve Your Power of Visualization

Visualization, the process of seeing in your mind a vivid picture of what you want or what you would like to accomplish, is an important step in problem solving, attaining what you want, and improving yourself. People often ask how they can improve this skill. Here are a few ways. 1. Do the exercises that …

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Segal’s Law

Segal’s Law states this: A man with one watch always knows what time it is. A man with two watches is never sure. Many have heard this before reading it here. What does it mean, though? In a nut shell, it means that when one pursues more than one goal or aim, he rarely achieve either. …

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