Thought + Action = Success! (Jawara D. King)

Thought and action are two major forces that rule the entire universe. Thoughts are of the abstract universe, while action is of the physical world. Only when these two forces are combined will the invisible become reality. The power of the universe to create and manifest your desires lies in propelling your thoughts with action.

Those who visualize without corresponding action are unaware of the fundamental steps to ultimate success. Action, planning, and perseverance are needed for your thought or idea to be materialized. Your thoughts become part of your reality through your actions. The power of thought and action is the inner power we all have to improve or make a life change in all areas of our lives. Thought and action are two forces available to us, which when intelligently combined, manifest our desires.

Only thought plus action equals success. There is no easy way out.

Take charge of your future by thinking, planning, and acting to accomplish your dreams. Positive changes in one’s life won’t come without a decent amount of effort.

Many people are taught to dream and imagine a better life, but fail for lack of decisive action. Life works by being clear on what you want, drawing up plans, then taking massive action. Conceive an idea, set goals, then form your desires in the physical through hard work. Failure to act is the wall that holds many back. You sabotage positive changes in your life when you refuse to take action.

Begin by making a list of specific steps you can take daily to bring you closer to the outcome you want to create. Utilize the power of positive thought by positively thinking about the outcome, but don’t stop there. Decide exactly what actions you can take to bring you closer to it. Create a clear roadmap to the outcome by writing goals down, reviewing them every day, and forming decisive action steps to stay on the right track.

Success involves consistent decision making. While working to make changes in your life, you must choose actions resulting in what you’re working on creating.

Develop a deeper level of awareness about your own actions to avoid gravitating toward unproductive actions. Choosing the right actions involves consistent effort and focus. Know exactly what to focus on each day. As you develop your daily plan of action, remain dedicated, focused, and very consistent with it.

Action is the key to manifestation. If you want to manifest a job, you can’t just visualize and wait for the universe to bring it to you. The manifestation process involves searching for it yourself while thinking positively. The law of attraction is not waiting for things to happen and not doing anything yourself. Action-oriented people get results while others wait for their manifestations to appear. Positive thinking alone won’t change our lives. Simply visualizing and wanting something is not enough! James 2:26 says, “For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.”

Jawara D. King

About this Article’s Author: Jawara King is a full-time author, philosopher, researcher, and writer, working in the metaphysical and spiritual fields. As a contemporary spiritual teacher, he conveys the timeless profound messages of the ancient spiritual masters of all traditions. His works blend physics, spiritual philosophy, Eastern wisdom, and mystical Christianity with life-changing results. Jawara’s foundational teachings bring together insights from a range of spiritual paths to form a spiritually global coherent practice; guiding thousands of people to transform their lives through one of the greatest teachings in the world today. He has written five self-improvement books outlining the philosophical and spiritual framework necessary to bring forth a spiritual awakening in the real world.