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10 Secrets of Millionaires’ Money Management

I read a very good article written by Kimberly Palmer on Yahoo! Finance entitled “10 Secrets of Millionaires’ Money Management.” Here is the link to the article, which I strongly encourage you to read – http://finance.yahoo.com/news/10-Secrets-of-Millionaires-usnews-14921158.html A couple of the “secrets” that stand out are Believe that you can do it. Articulate your vision for …

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To Be Successful, You Have to Be a Little Crazy (Or Nuts)

What’s the Difference Between You and the Successful?

When I drive, I look at the signs and businesses that line the roads and streets. Recently, I asked myself a question that revealed a fatal flaw in my thinking — a fatal flaw that just may be the difference between wealth and insecurity, becoming what I wish to be and remaining in my current position. …

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