Big, Lofty Goals and You: How to Make and Attain Them

Big, Lofty Goals and You: How to Make Them and How to Attain Them

The people in the world who have the best lives are those who have the best goals. The best goals are ones that are big and lofty and imbued with meaning. Big, lofty goals go beyond one’s own selfish ends. They empower a person to expand past their own capabilities, to grow exponentially, to even …

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Money Is a Terrible End (Find Meaning Instead)

Money Is a Terrible End

Money is important. Of that there is no doubt. But for all of its importance, it makes for a terrible end goal in anybody’s life. Including yours. Yes, we all want to be rich — and that may, indeed, be the goal of many of the activities we undertake. But, as Charles F. Haanel wrote in …

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Haanel's Strange Letter of Transmittal for Week 16 of The Master Key System

Charles F. Haanel’s Strange Letter of Transmittal

The “Letter of Transmittal” for Week Sixteen of Charles F. Haanel’s The Master Key System is somewhat strange. What else would one expect with a name such as “Gaining Spiritual Understanding”? In this introduction and chapter, you will be introduced to such odd ideas as the “Law of Sevens” and “vibratory activities” and the “Septimal Law.” …

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J. Paul Getty Will Tell You How to Be Rich

J. Paul Getty Tells You How to Be Rich

J. Paul Getty is one of the more interesting wealthy individuals of the Twentieth Century. He was the founder of the Getty Oil Company and worth, at the time of his death in 1976, an estimated $2 billion. Despite all his wealth, he was notoriously frugal. When his grandson was kidnapped and held for ransom, …

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Think Big or Go Home!

Think Big — Or Go Home

One of Donald Trump’s rules from his book The Art of the Deal is to “Think big.” He did and look where it got him. Bill Gates thinks big. When he began Microsoft, the company motto was “A computer on every desktop.” That came to fruition. Throughout history, you’ll find that those who get mentioned …

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Norman Vincent Peale: 10 Quotes That Will Get You Elected President, Too (Just Like Donald Trump)

If You Want to Be President, Too, Then Listen to the Man Who Got Trump Elected

[Please note: This is not an article about politics, political beliefs, or politicians. It is about personal development, positive thinking, and Norman Vincent Peale.] Whether you like Donald Trump or not, the fact that he was elected president is quite amazing. Think about it. Here’s a man who ran for the office of president of …

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How to Make a Goal Board That Actually Works!

How to Make a Goal (Vision) Board That Actually Works

Visualize what you want! Think big thoughts! But, someone will always ask, how does one keep all of one’s goals in mind? You use a tool that you may have heard of. A tool that is a chance for you to have some fun with “arts & crafts.” You make for yourself a goal board, sometimes …

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The Most Misunderstood Exercise of The Master Key System (And How You Can Understand it Perfectly)

The Most Misunderstood Exercise of The Master Key System (And How to Understand It Perfectly)

Sometimes, Charles F. Haanel can be very frustrating. He writes long sentences comprised of lofty ideas. He pushes us to achieve new levels of understanding. Then he asks us — his humble readers — to do seemingly impossible exercises such as the one in Week Two of The Master Key System. It is the exercise for which …

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