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Thought + Action = Success! (Jawara D. King)

Thought and action are two major forces that rule the entire universe. Thoughts are of the abstract universe, while action is of the physical world. Only when these two forces are combined will the invisible become reality. The power of the universe to create and manifest your desires lies in propelling your thoughts with action. …

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The Eagle Has Landed

Today, July 20, marks the greatest day in human history. On this day over forty years ago, a lone figure descended a small ladder and stepped onto a world never  before touched by a human being. That man was Neil Armstrong. The world he touched was the Moon. For eons, since they could bend their necks and wonder at …

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Quitting Smoking and The Master Key System

In The New Psychology (which is a book by Charles F. Haanel that’s included in The Complete Master Key Course —, Haanel includes a letter from a fellow who, with the help of his wife, used auto-suggestion to quit the smoking habit. It’s a wonderful tale and a good example of using the auto-suggestion method …

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