6 Quotes by Claude M. Bristol You Need to Memorize Right Now
6 Quotes by Claude M. Bristol You Need to Memorize Right Now

6 Quotes by Claude M. Bristol You Need to Memorize Right Now

If you like Charles F. Haanel (and I am sure that you do!), then you’re also going to like Claude M. Bristol because not only was he influenced by Mr. Haanel, he also wrote one of the greatest books of all time.

Claude M. Bristol was born in 1891. When he was in his fifties, he wrote the classic book The Magic of Believing. This book would become a classic and would inspire the lives of people from every walk of life, from businessmen and homemakers to entertainers such as Liberace.

Here, for your convenience until you read his book, are six incredible quotes from Mr. Bristol that you should commit to memory so that they can serve as your subconscious guides. Believe me: you will be glad that you did!

You have to think big to be big.

Everything begins with your thoughts. If you want success, then you have to entertain successful thoughts. It almost goes without saying.

Speaking of thinking big, you know who else thinks big?

To win you’ve got to stay in the game.

As you know, persistence beats genius, it outdoes talent, it even overcomes infirmity every single time. So if you want to win, just keep playing. There is no failure until you quit.

Every person is the creation of himself, the image of his own thinking and believing. As individuals think and believe, so they are.

You are who you continually and persistently think and believe you are. Mind that: you must think it and also believe it. Without the latter, you will change nothing. You must believe.

It’s the constant and determined effort that breaks down all resistance, sweeps away all obstacles.

Again, persistence. Never, never, never give up. It might be hard, but it will be hard only for a while. Keep going!

Always try to do something for the other fellow and you will be agreeably surprised how things come your way — how many pleasing things are done for you.

Just as Charles F. Haanel wrote in The Master Key System, we make money by making friends. While your journey maybe be lonely at times, you are never alone. Find ways to help others and you’ll find success unlimited.

One secures the gold of the spirit when he finds himself.

“To thine own self be true.”

“Know thyself.”

It’s been said a thousand times in different ways. When you discover and know your true self, you will find success. It takes time, but all good things do take time. It’s worth it.

Bonus Quote: Thought is the original source of all wealth, all success, all material gain, all great discoveries and inventions, and of all achievement.

It begins with a thought.

Your thought.

Whether its an idea or a want or a desire.

What you do with that thought is what counts.

Do you pursue it?

Do you make it happen?

Do you open yourself to the myriad possibilities?

It’s your choice. You can do it.

Or not.

You can have it.

Or not.

You can manifest it.

Or not.

It begins with a thought.

It can end there.

Or it can happen.

Let it happen.

Make it happen.

You can.

If you like these quotes, you’ll love these books because they will help you make things happen.