Here's Why Negative People Are Awesome
Here's Why Negative People Are Awesome

(Here’s Why) Negative People Are Awesome

Negative people.

They’re everywhere.

They’re people on the street …

… in your office

… even in your house.

And you know what?

Negative people are awesome!

Yes, you read that correctly: Negative people are awesome!

The fact is that we often need negative people.

We need people to say “no” to us every so often.

Think about the celebrities that have risen — and fallen. What do many say contributed to their fall?

All the “yes” people with which they surrounded themselves.

Every so often, you need someone to tell you that you’re nuts.

It keeps you in line.

It keeps you grounded.

It keep you looking at reality rather than fantasy.

Or …

… and this is the important one …

… it spurs you into action even more!

You’ve experienced this: the times where someone told you that you couldn’t do something (for whatever reason) and then you think, “Oh yeah! Well, I’ll show them!” and then you go and do it despite all their lamentations and protestations.

Would you have attained the same result without that Negative Nelly’s little “incentive”?


Maybe not.

I do know that proving people wrong is a powerful incentive.

I was at a concert. (I won’t name the band so as not to embarrass myself.) After the show, I said to my friends, “I’m going to go backstage.” My friends made a point to mention that I did not have a backstage pass and that I didn’t stand a chance of getting anywhere near backstage. I just shrugged my shoulders and said that I’d give it a shot. I went to the backstage entrance — and two hours later I met my friends by the car where they were waiting for me. They were quite angry for being made to wait so long. I said, “I told you I was going backstage. You should have come.”

A little resistance — a little negativity — can — and should! — stir a resolve in you that makes you like a little tank, giving you the drive to just make a point, to go and do the “impossible.”

How many inventions and great feats were accomplished all because someone was encountered a little negativity?

Oh, can we count them! There are so many!

That’s why negative people are awesome. Let their words spur you to more action and better results. Do something so that you can look at them and say …

“I told you so.”

Believe me …

… it’s fun.

Don’t look here because you might find something too awesome for words.