Why You Need to Use the Gifts That You Have
Why You Need to Use the Gifts That You Have

Why You Need to Use the Gifts That You Have

In Week Twenty-four of The Master Key System, Charles F. Haanel wrote:

28. Men have, heretofore, generally used the word “God” to indicate this Universal, creative principle; but the word “God” does not convey the right meaning. Most people understand this word to mean something outside of themselves; while exactly the contrary is the fact. It is our very life. Without it we would be dead. We would cease to exist. The minute the spirit leaves the body, we are as nothing. Therefore, spirit is really all there is of us.

Why are you looking outside of yourself to get you what you want?

Why do you look for pull instead of push?

Schemes instead of plans?

The examples of others rather than the ideas in your mind?

All the answers you want are within.

The Master Key is within.

The Master Key is you!

You are not separate from things. You are a part of them. When you realize that, you will be many steps closer to actualizing your potential.

Life and attaining that which you want isn’t about waiting for “gifts.”

It isn’t about wishing for things to “manifest.”

Life is about using your gifts and talents and knowledge and experience to attain for yourself the things that you want.

Why set shackle yourself to the capricious wings of fate when you have the rock-solid knowledge of your thoughts and your ideas?

Why do you believe in yourself so little?

You are great and wonderful and fantastic.

You are capable of more — much more — than you realize.

You are a tiger in a cage.

Believe that.

Know that.

Then unlock yourself.

Because you don’t just have the key; you are the Key.

Be free.

Get these amazing books because they are not keys, they are lock picks.