Let in the Light to Vanquish the Darkness
Let in the Light to Vanquish the Darkness

Let in the Light to Vanquish the Darkness

Many of the problems in our lives can be fixed simply by “letting in the light.”

Yes, that is perhaps a little trite.

But is it true?

More often than you think.

Here’s what Charles F. Haanel wrote in the “Questions and Answers” section of The Master Key System.

We do not need to laboriously shovel the darkness out of a room before letting in the light; on the contrary, all that is necessary is to turn on the light and the darkness vanishes; likewise, if but one-tenth of one per cent of the money and effort was spent in constructive work that is now being spent in destructive work, the giant evils of the day to which you refer would disappear as if by magic.

As you’ve come to realize from reading and studying The Master Key System, when you react, you are generally reacting to the “world without.” That’s the land of shadows and shibboleths. It’s your perceptions.

To change bad conditions, you have to change the “world within.” When you do that, you will find it is much like flicking a light switch.

You’re letting in the light.

And that light is vanquishing the darkness.

Flick the switch.

Let in the light.


These books make great windows because they let in the light.