You Are Not Your Khakis and the Truth You Need to Know
You Are Not Your Khakis and the Truth You Need to Know

You Are Not Your Khakis (and the Ultimate Truth You Need to Know)

Money is a tool.

It is not the root of all evil.

It is not a bad thing.

It’s a tool. Nothing more; nothing less.

With that in mind, you are not the amount of money you have.

You are not the things that you have.

Your harmony and happiness are not — nor should they be — dependent on the possession of things.

Here is what Charles F. Haanel wrote in The Master Key System in Week Sixteen, Point #37, which is the exercise for that week.

37. For your exercise this week, try to bring yourself to a realization of the important fact that harmony and happiness are states of consciousness and do not depend upon the possession of things. Realize that things are effects and come as a consequence of correct mental states. So that if we desire material possession of any kind our chief concern should be to acquire the mental attitude which will bring about the result desired. This mental attitude is brought about by a realization of our spiritual nature and our unity with the Universal Mind which is the substance of all things. This realization will bring about everything which is necessary for our complete enjoyment. This is scientific or correct thinking. When we succeed in bringing about this mental attitude it is comparatively easy to realize our desire as an already accomplished fact; when we can do this we shall have found the “Truth” which makes us “free” from every lack or limitation of any kind.

It takes many people all their lives to realize such seemingly simple truths. Far too often, a person will go through life chasing some shibboleth for whatever wrong reason only to realize that what he really wanted was right under his nose.

Of course, what Haanel wrote is not an excuse to become complacent. That leads to laziness and sloth.

We’re happiest when we’re working … when we’re adding value … when we’re discovering meaning.

That is not complacency. That’s just the opposite. That’s you as you realize your desire.

When you move forward toward your desire, you’re using constructive thinking and that’s when you will find things moving your way.

That’s happiness.

When you allow what’s within yourself to act as your engine, you become a pillar of integrity.

And that is what makes kings.

You’ll find more truths in these books because they contain truths that you need to know.