Month: July 2017

Big, Lofty Goals and You: How to Make and Attain Them

Big, Lofty Goals and You: How to Make Them and How to Attain Them

The people in the world who have the best lives are those who have the best goals. The best goals are ones that are big and lofty and imbued with meaning. Big, lofty goals go beyond one’s own selfish ends. They empower a person to expand past their own capabilities, to grow exponentially, to even …

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Money Is a Terrible End (Find Meaning Instead)

Money Is a Terrible End

Money is important. Of that there is no doubt. But for all of its importance, it makes for a terrible end goal in anybody’s life. Including yours. Yes, we all want to be rich — and that may, indeed, be the goal of many of the activities we undertake. But, as Charles F.¬†Haanel wrote in …

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Haanel's Strange Letter of Transmittal for Week 16 of The Master Key System

Charles F. Haanel’s Strange Letter of Transmittal

The “Letter of Transmittal” for Week Sixteen of Charles F. Haanel’s The Master Key System is somewhat strange. What else would one expect with a name such as “Gaining Spiritual Understanding”? In this introduction and chapter, you will be introduced to such odd ideas as the “Law of Sevens” and “vibratory activities” and¬†the “Septimal Law.” …

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