The Secret Super Power That You're Not Using (But Should!)
The Secret Super Power That You're Not Using (But Should!)

The Secret Super Power That You’re Not Using (But Should!)

There is a power that almost instantly activates and boosts your effectiveness.

It’s like a super power in and of itself.

And while it seems simple, it isn’t; it can be one of the most difficult actions to cultivate.

Charles F. Haanel mentions it in the exercise of Week Three of The Master Key System.

For your exercise this week, I will ask you to go one step further. I want you to not only be perfectly still and inhibit all thought as far as possible, but relax. Let go. Let the muscles take their normal condition; this will remove all pressure from the nerves and eliminate that tension which so frequently produces physical exhaustion.

What’s the super power that you have?


Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

But is it, really?

No, it isn’t; but keep in mind that as you have mastered the previous exercises, so you shall master this one.

As Haanel wrote, “Physical relaxation is a voluntary exercise of the will and the exercise will be found to be of great value, as it enables the blood to circulate freely to and from the brain and body.”

When you relax, you are allowing the Solar Plexus, which is the seat of the Unconscious Mind, to function completely.

As you relax, you radiate confidence, health, and strength — all things harmonious.

As you relax, you experience nonresistant thought, which expands the Solar Plexus.

By relaxing, you are conquering the personal devil, fear.

Fear is that which makes you agonize over the past, present, and future. When it is destroyed, your light will shine and you will be able to realize your full potential and you will be able to overcome any adverse condition.

Tension leads to mental unrest and abnormal mental activity, which produces worry, fear, and anxiety.

Relaxation is therefore necessary to defeat this.

When you master this exercise, your Solar Plexus will then be ready to function perfectly.

And it will happen practically instantly.

Here’s a catch, though: you cannot be relaxed for a few seconds (or even minutes) and then return to your worrying and expect all good things to happen. As Haanel wrote in Week Eight:

You cannot entertain weak, harmful, negative thoughts ten hours a day and expect to bring about beautiful, strong, and harmonious conditions by ten minutes of strong, positive, creative thought.

In the Master Key Coaching Teleseminars, I explained how the first four exercises of The Master Key System should be taken as a group and that this group of exercises results in you entering a “state.” This is your ground state upon which all the other exercises are to be done. Your aim is to always be in this state, which entails being

  • still
  • mentally alert for negative and destructive thoughts
  • relaxed
  • and released of negative emotions.

Take those first four exercises and practice them together.

Be still.

Watch your thoughts.


And then let go.

Do this.

Make it your natural, everyday state of being.

And then you’ll see the magic happen.

Because it will.

You should get these books because they will teach you everything you need to know about relaxing and then some.