A Never-Before-Published Master Key Exercise
A Never-Before-Published Master Key Exercise

A Never-Before-Published Master Key System Exercise!

At the end of every week of The Master Key System, the author, Charles F. Haanel provides an exercise for you to do. They range from sitting still to (sometimes rather difficult) mental exercises.

These exercises are the meat and potatoes of the book.

They are important. Even more important than the ideas presented in the book.

I am going to provide for you here a never-before-published exercise. It was never published because I invented it.

It’s just as important, though, as all the rest.

I urge you to practice it every day.

Your exercise is to…

(Are you ready?)

Talk to people.

Wherever you go and whatever you’re doing, talk to people. From the clerk at the gas station to the receptionist at the office, talk to the people you meet.

Not just the quick “Hihowyoudoing? Fine.”

Nope. Look at the people with whom you are going to speak and really see them as a person — as a fellow human being. Ask them how they’re doing and then wait for an answer.


This is what Haanel would call “giving.” You’re putting something out there. It may only be a smile or a kind word or just the fact that you’re acknowledging someone else’s existence, but it might — it just might! — mean the world to someone.

As people, we fall into our own little solipsisms far too easily. We filter out much of what is happening around us as we drown ourselves in our thoughts. We become the centers of our imaginary universes and never bother to see the stars all around us.

Blast out of that shell!

Break that cell!

See the world and all that is in it.

And all who is in it!

Take the time to share a few words with the people you meet and see.

By doing this exercise, you will also be developing within yourself a very powerful trait: courage.

Most people are shy to one degree or another. By speaking with and relating to people, you’ll overcome your shyness and become a friendly, social “butterfly.”

Go forth and experience the world around you.

Interact with it.

Have fun with it!

Be a part of it.

You’ll like these books because they have exercises.

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