It Is Important That You Practice the Exercises in The Master Key System.
It Is Important That You Practice the Exercises in The Master Key System.

The Importance of the Master Key System Exercises

Friedrich Nietzsche once remarked that all books could be reduced to one paragraph without losing any meaning. While that might be tough with The Master Key System, it could be reduced to maybe five or six pages.

That’s because the same ideas in the book are presented in many ways: You have the various “laws” (attraction, love, growth), the concepts of the “world without” and the “world within,” the ideas of “cause and effect”  — and each is presented in different forms throughout the work.

That being the case, the exercises in The Master Key System have been referred to as the “meat and potatoes” of the book.

And that’s because the real power of The Master Key System resides in the exercises.

As Charles F. Haanel often writes,

It is in the application alone that the value consists.

He means that we should practice the exercises.

It’s not good enough to read the book and know the information, one must truly understand the material in order to experience the wonderful effects of this philosophy.

The exercises will bring the benefits of this ultimate philosophy of success to you.

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