The Crux of Charles F. Haanel's Philosophy of Success
The Crux of Charles F. Haanel's Philosophy of Success

The Crux of Charles F. Haanel’s Philosophy of Success

How do we create?

How does “it” — God, the Universe, the world — create?

By thinking — by the creative power of thought.

If those thoughts destroy — if the results are bad — then we call that evil.

If the thoughts create — if the results are good — then we call that good.

Thus, good and evil are known by their results. Nothing more nor less.

Here is the crux of Haanel’s logic:

Thought necessarily precedes and predetermines action; action precedes and predetermines condition.

We think.

We do.

We get results.

Thinking alone won’t get for us that which we want. We must take action. We must work. Only then will we become — because we are known by the fruits of our labors.

A genius is only known as a genius because of his works.

A writer is known by his books.

A composer is known by his music.

An inventor is known by his inventions.

We only know the individual by his deeds.

We’re still waiting to laud the person who will cure cancer. In the meantime, we laud the great people in history who helped to build the world as we know it.

The Teslas …

The Einsteins …

The Fords

The list is long and stretches into the furthest depths of history.

And we know them by their deeds.

Just like we shall come to know you.

The world can be yours but only because you read great books!

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