Opportunities Are Staring You Right in the Face
Opportunities Are Staring You Right in the Face

Staring You Right in the Face

In a prior article, you were asked to set your mind on finding a quarter as you went about your daily life. You were to visualize a quarter in your mind; imagine it vividly and in detail and keep it ingrained in your mind; and then you were to vividly visualize that you were going to find that quarter on the street.

Are you a few quarters wealthier now?

You should be.

Here is the real question:

Were those quarters always there or did they materialize because of your thoughts?

In the end, it does not matter, because in a sense they are the same thing.

If you do not notice something and then one day you realize it’s there, then it materialized in your life. Sure, it did not materialize in the “magical” sense of the word, but it came into being in your objective reality. You opened your perception to allow yourself to see it.

In a way, that is how the Law of Attraction works. As you temper your mind and thoughts to things that are positive and beneficial to you, you then open your eyes — and your mind — to those opportunities. Perhaps those opportunities were there all along! How many times have you said that you wished you bought shares in Microsoft in 1986?

What do you have right now in your life that is an opportunity that you are overlooking?

Center your thoughts on ones of abundance and opportunity.

Then examine your life.

Can that vacant lot that you pass on your way to work be a good site for a gas station or other business?

Can an acquaintance help you get employment at a better company for a better wage?

Enter the Silence just as Charles F. Haanel instructs in The Master Key System.

Envision positive thoughts.

Make a list of the opportunities that are right under your nose.


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