How to Use Affirmations to Rewrite Your Story
How to Use Affirmations to Rewrite Your Story

How to Use Affirmations to Rewrite Your Story

There is a thinking stuff from which all things are made and which, in its original state, permeates and fills the interspaces of the universe. A thought in this substance produces the thing that is imaged by the thought.

A person can form things in his thought and by impressing his thought upon formless substance can cause the thing he thinks about to be created.

Begin to work on your Subconscious today.

First, list some obstacles, barriers, or limitations that you believe are preventing you from achieving complete success in any area of your life.

Next, write an affirmation to counteract those perceived limitations. For example, if you wrote “I have no money,” write as an affirmation “I am wealthy” or “I have the money I need to fund my project.”

Additionally, keep in mind what Charles F. Haanel wrote in Week Nine, Point #14 of The Master Key System.

If you require Wealth, a realization of the fact that the “I” in you is one with the Universal mind, which is all substance and is Omnipotent, will assist you in bringing into operation the law of attraction, which will bring you into vibration with those forces which make for success and bring about conditions of power and affluence in direct proportion with the character and purpose of your affirmation.

Recite your affirmations daily when you awaken each morning and before you fall asleep each night and at quiet moments during the day.

Any limitations that you have defined are just excuses to keep you from achieving complete success.

Once you take complete responsibility for your life, you will realize that you have the power to create your life by choosing your beliefs, thoughts, feeling, and actions.

You’ll love these books because you love affirmations.