Why You Must Forgive and Forget Those Who Wronged You Right Now
Why You Must Forgive and Forget Those Who Wronged You Right Now

Why You Must Forgive Those Who Wronged You Right Now

Right now, I want you to apply a method that will free you of lingering bad feelings that are caused by people or events in your past.

Perhaps you harbor ill thoughts because you were scorned by a lover or maybe there was a family dispute. Whatever the cause, by carrying these thoughts with you, you continue to live the effects.

Here is the method of dispelling those thoughts.

  1. Forgive
  2. Forget

That’s it.

We must forgive those who wronged us and then forget about it.

Now, that is not to say that you have to allow that person into your life again.

It does not mean that you forget what we learned from that experience. That would make us fools.

What we must do is merely move forward.

For far too long there has been a plethora of psycho-babble and mollycoddling about things that happened to a person five, ten, fifty years ago. We are barraged daily by “pop” psychology terms like “baggage,” “inner child,” “closure,” and other such nonsense.

And people continue to live in the past rather than progress with their lives.

That is not to say that we shouldn’t learn from experiences. We should learn all that we can from an experience so that we don’t repeat the same mistake!

That is not to say that if something traumatic happened that one shouldn’t seek professional help. Remember, though, that the help should be that which helps you to progress, not relive or “deal.”

Right now, think of those people or events that bring a bad feeling to you.

Perhaps you had a friend who wronged you badly.

Forgive them.

Then, forget about it.

Drop the issue like you would drop a rock into a lake.

(You can actually visualize yourself doing that. It will help. Imagine that the rock is your issue and visualize yourself dropping it into a lake. Watch it make a splash and then descend to the bottom until you cannot even see it anymore.)

It is most important that you do this. How many thoughts do you carry with you that are worthless and bring you nothing but bad feelings and therefore bad results?

Today is Now and is the perfect time to begin living the rest of your life.

You’ll love the books here because you love to live.