Charles F. Haanel and Cooperating with the Natural Laws
Charles F. Haanel and Cooperating with the Natural Laws

Cooperating with the Natural Laws

In the “Letter of Transmittal” for Week Fifteen of The Master Key System, Charles F. Haanel writes that we live under certain “natural laws,” which, if we allow them, will “help” us in our times of need.

It will explain that these laws operate to our advantage; that all conditions and experiences that come to us are for our benefit; that we gain strength in proportion to the effort expended; and that our happiness is best attained through a conscious cooperation with natural laws.

The entire Master Key System is about working via a “conscious cooperation” with these laws. That’s why the exercises of the prior fourteen weeks have built within you the ability to relax, to clear your mind, to focus, and to think.

As we do the exercises that Haanel instructs, these laws come into play automatically.

It’s not magic.

Nor is it something mystical.

It is life working as it always does.

If you think properly…

… if you have an idea (or a goal)…

… if you work toward your goal and take action on your plans…

… if you remain focused…

… if you cast aside irrational fears and doubts…

… if you do all these things and embrace the hard work of thinking and the courageous acts of doing…

… then these laws — like the law of attraction — will work right along with you.


I’ve seen it happen time after timeagain and again

It doesn’t require magic or anything outside yourself. It just requires you to think properly and to take action accordingly.

That’s the “magic spell.”

Nothing more; nothing less.

You’ll like these books because they are magical.