The Real Secret to Power: Charles F. Haanel's Power Process
The Real Secret to Power: Charles F. Haanel's Power Process

The Real Secret of Power: Charles F. Haanel’s Power Process

“The real secret of power is consciousness of power.” Charles F. Haanel implores us to use this power as it is what brings into reality the thoughts that we have, be those thoughts for good or for ill. To ensure that the results we get are the ones that we desire, Haanel has this process for us. It’s in The Master Key System.

Use it!

    1. Every thought creates an impression on the brain.
    2. Experiences come to us through the law of attraction.
    3. The predominant thought or mental attitude is the magnet.
    4. Like attracts like.
    5. The mental attitude is our personality and is composed of all the thoughts that we have been creating in our mind.
    6. By persistent effort, we can change the mental attitude.
    7. To do this, replace the pictures you have in your mind with new pictures of what you want and desire.
    8. When you have done this, you will begin to attract to yourself those things.
    9. Build into your mental pictures the necessary essentials, such as determination, ability, talent, courage, power, and anything else.
    10. Aspire to the highest possible attainment in anything you undertake.
    11. Repeat this process as repetition builds habit.

Everything that we have is a result of this process.


Be it good or bad, what we want or what we dislike. This process describes how our predominant mental attitude about everything is formed.

Whether you like it or not, you are using this process. Right now. At this very moment as you read this article.

Now that you know how this process works, you can use it consciously and of your own volition.

It’s up to you to do so.

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