The Master Key path is wide open
The Master Key path is wide open.

The Goal of the Exercises in The Master Key System

If I’ve heard it once, then I’ve heard it a million times: “The exercises in The Master Key System are basically meditation!”

And all of those people are wrong.

While many — if not all — of the exercises in The Master Key System were probably derived from some meditation practice or philosophy, they are not quite meditation training.

In other words, the goal of the exercises as you practice them is not to become a Zen monk.

Rather, the goal of these exercises is to train your brain.

For example, in the first exercise, it is vitally important to remain completely still.

No, you cannot blink your eyes. No, you cannot scratch those itches that will arise. No, you cannot wipe your nose.

On the other hand, yes, it’s OK if your chest or abdomen moves as you breath. (We are all hopelessly addicted to oxygen after all.)

The Master Key path is wide open
The Master Key path is wide open.

I’ve received the most emails asking about how to master the first exercise. I receive fewer and fewer as the book progresses. I cannot honestly write that I’ve received next to none about the last few exercises in the book.

Why is that?

From my experience and from what I’ve heard from many people, most people just do not make it that far. When they begin the book, they’re excited. They want to do everything correctly. As time passes, they either lose interest, get bored, or life interruptus comes into play.

I implore you to not let that happen to you. Haanel writes that if we are to undertake something, we should see it through to the end.

It’s about commitment.

It’s about finishing.

It’s about completion.

If you are to see success, you must form the habit of completing that which you begin.

Begin with The Master Key System. Master the exercises. See them through to the end.

After that, the road is wide open.