The Millionaire's Message: The Secrets of the Rich and Free

The Millionaire’s Message: The Homemade Millionaire’s Secrets of the Rich and Free

The Message That Will Make You One of the Elite

The Millionaire's Message: The Secrets of the Rich and FreeThe Millionaire’s Message: Read in an Hour. Reap for Life.

Meet Michael Zors. The “Homemade Millionaire.” A man who began with nothing and now has a lot. He has a message for you — a message that will make you one of the elite, one of the rich and free.

That’s right, you can enjoy a life of success and happiness, a life that is just a dream for most people no matter how hard they work, a life where you are the boss and you reap the rewards.

What does it take? Only the willingness to learn the simple secrets and processes that people like Zors — the rich and free— use to accomplish anything.

“Start using the life-changing ideas in this great little book to build a better life for yourself and your family — you’ll be glad you did. Remember, life is tremendous when you seize a good opportunity and make the most of it.” –Charlie “Tremendous” Jones

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The Special Foreword by Tracey C. Jones for The Millionaire’s Message

Almost ten years ago, my father, Charlie “Tremendous” Jones, wrote the foreword for The Parable of the Homemade Millionaire, Bryan James’s first book. So it’s perfectly fitting that me to write the foreword to Mr. James’s new book, the one that you hold in your hands, The Millionaire’s Message.

One quote for which my father is most known is “You’ll be the same person in five years as you are today except for the books you read and the people you meet.” The Millionaire’s Message is one of those books that will change you. And Michael Zors, whom you will meet in the book, is a person you will be glad to meet.

Today’s world is a veritable cornucopia of opportunity and happiness for anyone willing to reach out and get it. Or, to be more specific, for anyone who knows what it takes to get it.

Through the story of Michael Zors and his wife Ruth, you will learn that all things are indeed possible; how to maximize your brain power; the skill to persuade others; about the true power of commitment; and how it’s the little things that add up to the big things in our lives.

Each of those, when learned and then practiced dutifully, build a life of success, happiness, and all good things.

Life doesn’t have to be, nor should it be, drudgery. It can and should be about discovering your highest dreams and ideals.

Thankfully, people like Bryan James write books like this, books that remind us and teach us about the life that’s possible — and attainable.

So settle yourself in your comfy chair and imbibe The Millionaire’s Message. And don’t worry about that feeling you’ll have when you’re finished. That’s just your mind preparing its plans for you to take advantage of the new opportunities and goals in your life!

Tremendously yours…

Tracey Jones
President of Tremendous Life Books,
and Author of Beyond Tremendous: Raising the Bar On Life

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Who Is Bryan James?

Bryan James Bryan A. James is the author of the international best-selling book, The Parable of the Homemade Millionaire, a book the legendary Charlie “Tremendous” Jones called “a great little book to build a better life for yourself and your family.” Mr. James has held management and executive positions in both the finance and healthcare industries for over thirty-five years and has been president of three different companies that are still active and flourishing today. He is an award-winning salesman and manager who has been responsible for the professional development of hundreds of people.

Mr. James has been recognized, on many occasions, for his outstanding contributions to local charitable organizations and has served on several of their boards of trustees. He is a past-president and a lifetime honorary member of the board of trustees of The Epilepsy Association of Northeast Ohio and a recipient of their prestigious 2004 Legacy Award.

Through many years of intense personal research, he has refined methodologies which are highly effective in assisting anyone in finding lasting success, happiness and peace of mind. Mr. James is a certified hypnotherapist and a member of American Mensa.

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