Month: July 2012

Tranquility Base here. The Eagle has landed.

July 20, 1969: The Eagle Has Landed

July 20, 1969 marks the greatest day in human history. On that day, a lone figure descended a small ladder and stepped onto a world never before touched by a human being. That man was Neil Armstrong. The world he touched was the Moon. For eons, since they could bend their necks and wonder at the lights that shined …

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Keys to Success Learned from the Children of Immigrants (Judie Fertig Panneton)

Would you believe that a successful surgeon and the person who was the brains behind the fundraising breast cancer postage stamp felt like an underdog when he was growing up in America? It’s true! Dr. Ernie (Balazs) Bodai, who came to the America from Hungary when he was eight, remembers how tough it was for …

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