How To Use Your Mind More Effectively (Jawara D. King)

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Channel your energy and efforts in the right direction by deactivating and defusing all failure ideas. With focused effort, you can become successful in everything you do. Extra effort is required for success, which is 2% inspiration and 98% work. Take action, because inaction invites failure. To be successful, action of some sort is always required.

The strenuous effort necessary for success is complimented by looking on the bright side of things. Output always equals input, so never feed failure ideas into your subconscious mind. Override negative concepts and ideas of fear and failure by not allowing negative thinking to take over your mind. Right thinking is refusing to accept the idea of failure. Everyone will suffer some temporary defeats along the way. Numerous temporary defeats can’t keep one who is focused from becoming highly successful. Refuse to accept temporary defeats as permanent failure. Continue to program your subconscious mind with the right ideas, regardless of what it looks like.

Positive words program your subconscious mind for success. Your subconscious mind accepts suggestions and takes orders from your conscious mind. Don’t allow negative suggestions to be planted into your subconscious mind. As your conscious mind rejects negative thinking, your subconscious mind will successfully work for your benefit.

Feed your subconscious mind with positive ideas and concepts. The only limits to your success are those you place upon yourself through negative thinking. Use your thoughts and words to create a positive concept of yourself and your own abilities. In reality, you are only limited by your imagination. Renowned scientist Albert Einstein said, “Imagination is everything; it is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”

Visualize and imagine seeing yourself as you want to be, then follow through on your imagined activities. Your mental picture programs your subconscious mind. What you imagine yourself to be will become more real as you reinforce that picture with action. Always picture the end result. Picture in your mind exactly what you’re going to do. Your mental pictures program your subconscious mind, so create extremely detailed pictures on your mental screen. You can have whatever you’re visualizing if you believe that it is possible and apply massive action to make it possible.

Visualize with your conscious mind all the good things that you want while devising methods to make your goals come true. As you picture to yourself mentally exactly what you want to achieve, the creative power of your subconscious mind will reveal the next step.

When using your mind to create a new reality, action is always required. Imagination and initiative are to be combined because no one is relieved from effort and work. Imagination is part of the creative process, but initiative is needed to follow through on your idea. Imagination without initiative accomplishes nothing and is the equivalent of wishful thinking. Imagination accompanied by action is the most powerful force in the world.

You can achieve whatever you can imagine if you’ll do everything possible to achieve your established goal. Everyone must make up their own plan for successful achievement and give it their best shot. Power comes from organized activity to fulfill your plan for achieving your goal. Think positive thoughts while dedicating yourself to its attainment.

Jawara D. King

 Jawara D. King

About this Article’s Author: Jawara King is a full-time author, philosopher, researcher, and writer, working in the metaphysical and spiritual fields. As a contemporary spiritual teacher, he conveys the timeless profound messages of the ancient spiritual masters of all traditions. His works blend physics, spiritual philosophy, Eastern wisdom, and mystical Christianity with life-changing results. Jawara’s foundational teachings bring together insights from a range of spiritual paths to form a spiritually global coherent practice; guiding thousands of people to transform their lives through one of the greatest teachings in the world today. He has written five self-improvement books outlining the philosophical and spiritual framework necessary to bring forth a spiritual awakening in the real world.

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