Do You Need to Be Motivated? (J.F. (Jim) Straw)

Here lately, I’ve been reading a lot about “How to Motivate Your Sales Team” in the multitude of e-zines I receive. As always, the ideas ranged from the ridiculous to the sublime.

To be quite frank with you, I have never tried to “motivate” any of my sales people (dealers, associates, affiliates, whatever).  I always figured that those individuals who were “real” would take the bull by the horns and make the sales to make the money, because, in the words of Andrew Carnegie:

“There is no use whatever trying to help people who do not help themselves. You cannot push anyone up a ladder unless he be willing to climb himself.”

Beyond that, as Frank Tibolt said:

“We should be taught not to wait for inspiration to start a thing.  Action always generates inspiration.  Inspiration seldom generates action.”

Rather than wasting my time trying to “motivate” people, I have always spent my time supporting the efforts of those who were doing something.

So please don’t wait for me to start “motivating” you. It won’t happen.

But, as always, I am here to answer any questions.

Don’t be bashful. Anytime you have any kind of question, just ASK! (You may recognize that from my book, Mustard Seeds, Shovels, & Mountains.)

I may not tell you what you want to hear, like the b.s. artists do. I will tell you the facts of the matter as I know them to be from my over 50 years of hands-on experience in the business community. That’s what I’m here for. Your success is just as important to me as it is to you, because when YOU succeed, I succeed, too.

Feel free to pick my brain.

And, remember what Charles Steinmetz said:

“No man really becomes a fool until he stops asking questions.”

I ain’t from the government, but I am here to help you.

Go for it,


P.S. Let my hindsight become your foresight:

J.F. (Jim) Straw, author of "Mustard Seeds, Shovels, & Mountains"J.F. (Jim) Straw began his long, successful career in business at the age of nine when he sold his first cans of Cloverleaf Salve and copies of GRIT newspaper. As a mail-order marketer with over 700,000 customers worldwide he has sold over four-hundred million dollars ($400,000,000) worth of products and services by mail — everything from beauty supplies to heavy equipment, burglar alarms to sleeping bags, fishing lures to women’s wigs, automobiles to wheelchairs, investment opportunities to seafood, consulting services to “how to” courses. His book Mustard Seeds, Shovels, & Mountains is published by Kallisti Publishing.