You Must First Have the Knowledge of Your Power....
You Must First Have the Knowledge of Your Power....

What You Should Really Learn As You Read Charles F. Haanel’s Master Key System

Since I’ve been publishing The Master Key System and Charles F. Haanel’s Complete Master Key Course, I’ve received (and answered!) literally thousands of calls and emails about Haanel‘s philosophy of success. From speaking with so many people, I noticed that the vast majority completely miss the point of The Master Key System, thus they’re not getting results.

Most of the observations I make on these calls come from the work I’ve done with my Master Key Coaching clients.

So, what should you really be learning as you read The Master Key System that will actually make a difference in your life?

Since 2000, when I began publishing The Master Key System, I’ve observed how other people, coaches, and publishers advertise or talk about the book. The most common description is that it is the “handbook about the Law of Attraction.”

Surprisingly, I think just the opposite. While the law of attraction is discussed in The Master Key System, it’s not the book’s (or, I dare say, Haanel‘s) main talking point.

From my years of study and coaching, I’ve found five main things you should learn from this philosophy. As you now read and study the book, keep these points in mind — you’ll see the book from a totally different perspective and you’ll reap great rewards from it.

  1. You will learn how to focus.
    To be able to focus is the ability to dedicate your mind (your thoughts) to one problem (or goal) for an extended period of time. By mastering this skill, you’ll far outreach most people, who flitter from one thing to the other without result.
  2. You will learn how to achieve mental clarity.
    Instead of a brain and thoughts beset with “noise,” you’ll see things clearly — rationally. You will rid yourself of the “shibboleths” of your mind.
  3. You will se the things in the world for what they are rather than what they appear to be.
    Instead of seeing symbols and perceptions, you will see things truly — objectively.
  4. You will learn the greatest skill of all: how to THINK.
  5. You will learn that the Master Key System is really about solving problems.

The Master Key System is not a “magic” book. Merely by reading it will you attain anything. You must put this philosophy into action. You must use it!

If you’re looking to learn how to “manifest,” you will not get that here. Fortunately (or unfortunately), there are plenty of “teachers” that teach that. If you want to learn how to really attain and achieve, then concentrate on discovering the items I listed here. They are the “key” that will unlock you and help you to attain all of your dreams.