Opportunities Are Everywhere (So, Where's Yours?)
Opportunities Are Everywhere (So, Where's Yours?)

Opportunities Are Everywhere (So, Where’s Yours?)


They’re all around us.

From jobs to friendships to learning opportunities.

What’s stopping you from taking advantage of them?

One thing that might be stopping you, as it’s something I’ve seen within myself at times, is this:

Sometimes — too many times! — we fear making that leap of faith.

For whatever reason, instead of jumping into the “fray,” so to speak, we hang back, almost as if we were awaiting the “perfect shot.”

Unfortunately, perfect shots are few and far between. (If ever!)

Sometimes, you have to grab an opportunity, even if it’s not exactly the one you want, and run with it.

Sometimes, you have to take the “low paying” job because it may lead to the job that you real want.

You may have to do work that you’d rather not do as it may very well be a stepping stone to the work
you will actually enjoy — and which may make for you your fortune!

You just might have to work with people who rub you the wrong way because those “friends” may connect you with the friends that will become your lifetime business partners or employers.

Do you understand this?

Everyday there are opportunities that you can grab.

Everyday there is something that you can reach for.

It might not be the “ideal.” It may even be wanted.

It’s a start, though.

And it may lead somewhere.

Charles F. Haanel wrote inWeek One of The Master Key System that “Life is an unfoldment, not an accretion.”

Sometimes you have to have just enough faith to take a leap, even one that you would normally not take, and allow life to unfold.

Try it.

If only for a day or so.

See what happens.

I can practically guarantee that you’ll be glad that you did.

I can also practically guarantee that you will love these books because so many other people do.