Guest Article: “Perseverance: The Key To Total Success” (Jawara D. King)

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There is guaranteed success when you never give up! The lack of perseverance is the only thing that can prevent your success.Perseverance is one of the most important personal character traits needed to succeed in life. Nothing worthwhile can ever be accomplished without perseverance. Persistence and determination supersedes genius, education, and talent. Those who refuse to persevere have little hope for success.

All those at the top have the same character trait in common: perseverance.The history books are full of examples of people who succeeded as a result of never giving up.The biographies of great people proves that persistance pays off.Perseverance is required for successful achievement.The most successful people in all fields never give up. Persistence and perseverance will allow you to succeed also.

Temporary setbacks can’t stop you if you’ll refuse to acknowledge defeat or give up. Bounce back when it appears that you’re down for the count. No one achieves total success without going through setbacks, hardships, and opposition. Perseverance means to hold out and remain steadfast until the end. Let perseverance carry you through pain, distress, pressure, and disappointment. Perseverance is the only key that can turn defeat and failure into success and victory. It’s impossible for a persistent man or woman to be kept down for long.

If you fail, start over. Change your methods, learn from your mistakes, then try a new approach. Once you convince yourself that there has to be a way to do what you want, you become unstoppable. Believing that a problem can’t be solved makes it unsolvable. Believing that solutions are possible attracts the right answer to you.

When things aren’t working, back off and start fresh. Come back for another go at it and you’ll eventually reach your goal because of your persistence. Picture the end result in your conscious mind and your subconscious mind will take over and direct your actions. As you see your goal in your mind before it manifests and go over your future in your mind, your subconscious mind will lead and guide you in the right direction. Your subconscious mind will take care of any past missteps by directing you to do whatever is necessary to compensate for your errors. All you have to do is get action going toward the attainment of your innermost desires and your subconscious mind will guide you in the right direction.

But above all, persevere!

Jawara D. King

Jawara D. King

About this Article’s Author: Jawara King is a full-time author, philosopher, researcher, and writer, working in the metaphysical and spiritual fields. As a contemporary spiritual teacher, he conveys the timeless profound messages of the ancient spiritual masters of all traditions. His works blend physics, spiritual philosophy, Eastern wisdom, and mystical Christianity with life-changing results. Jawara’s foundational teachings bring together insights from a range of spiritual paths to form a spiritually global coherent practice; guiding thousands of people to transform their lives through one of the greatest teachings in the world today. He has written five self-improvement books outlining the philosophical and spiritual framework necessary to bring forth a spiritual awakening in the real world.

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