Month: October 2011

How You Can Get Rich by J.F. (Jim) Straw

How You Can Get Rich (J.F. (Jim) Straw)

Everybody asks the same question all the time. How can I get rich? I get tickled by people who want to start at the top of the ladder. For some unknown reason, they honestly believe they are better than I am, since I had to start on the bottom rung and climb up one rung …

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Steve Jobs: The Stanford Commencement Speech

Steve Jobs’ Stanford Commencement Speech

[This the transcript of the Commencement address delivered by Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Computer and of Pixar Animation Studios, on June 12, 2005. (Source:¬†] I am honored to be with you today at your commencement from one of the finest universities in the world. I never graduated from college. Truth be told, this is …

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