Guest Article: “I Just Want to Make Some Money”

Sometimes I get tickled pea-green over lavender, especially when I receive an email like this…

Please remove me from your list. I don’t want to know about how to do business, I just want to make some money.

This puzzles me. You see, the only way I know to make money without doing business is by getting a job. So, if you don’t want to know about how to do business and you just want to make money, then get a job.

Unfortunately, all too many of the promoters both online and off lead people to believe that they can “make money” without applying sound, time-tested, and proven business methods.

I guess I’ve spent too long in the “real” business world (over 50 years) and the only things I have ever written about are “real” business methods that have worked for generations upon generations of “real” business people. That’s why some of my reports have sold well for over 30 years — with only minor updates.

Methods never change in the “real” business world. Applications change almost daily.

Real business just keeps on working for generations. Flash-in-the-pan “make money” programs have to be continually updated with new launches because they don’t rely upon real time-tested and proven business methods.

You’ll have to decide whether you want to try to “make money” using the latest magic formula of the week or do real business and make a fortune.

Think about it.

About this article’s author:

Jim StrawJ.F. (Jim) Straw began his long, successful career in business at the age of nine when he sold his first cans of Cloverleaf Salve and copies of GRIT newspaper. As a mail-order marketer with over 700,000 customers worldwide he has sold over four-hundred million dollars ($400,000,000) worth of products and services by mail — everything from beauty supplies to heavy equipment, burglar alarms to sleeping bags, fishing lures to women’s wigs, automobiles to wheelchairs, investment opportunities to seafood, consulting services to “how to” courses. His book Physio-Psychic Power – The Ultimate Success System is to be published by Kallisti Publishing.

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