Getting and Keeping Charles F. Haanel's Wealth Consciousness
Getting and Keeping Charles F. Haanel's Wealth Consciousness

Getting and Keeping Charles F. Haanel’s Wealth Consciousness

The “wealth consciousness” (or the “money consciousness,” the two will be used interchangeably in this article) is more than merely thinking that you are wealthy or that you have a “right” to be wealthy. It is a way of looking at the world and seeing opportunities, possibilities, and avenues for wealth creation.

Have you ever heard someone described as having a “mind for business”? Or that someone has the “Midas touch“?

To what are they referring?

They’re referring to that person’s ability (talent, skill) to see a way to make an activity or product or service profitable. Let’s use Bill Gates as an example.

The “secret” to Mr. Gates’ wealth is that he saw profit and a business opportunity where NO ONE ELSE saw one. At the time, the entire computer industry was focused on the hardware as the way to make money. When Gates pitched IBM on licensing his software (something which at the time was quite revolutionary) and he stipulated that he could license to other companies, IBM approved, their thinking being that you make money with the hardware and not with the few cents in the licensing fee for the software.

That is the deal that began Mr. Gates’ rise. It made him millions.

THAT is the money consciousness. Looking at a “deal” and making it a better deal.

Get it?

The same with Steve Jobs and Apple: They got many of their ideas from the Xerox PARC facility because Xerox did not see how those technologies could make them money. One (Apple) had the “money consciousness”; the other (Xerox) did not. (Although it must be said that they had and continue to have it it many other areas.)

So, it’s not a matter of gratitude nor of “putting the Law of Attraction into operation,” it’s a matter of looking at the things around you and seeing the economic possibilities with them. Develop a solution to a problem you (and perhaps others) have. See the world with new eyes and ask yourself the question “How can I make it better?” Look at the world around you like you’ve never before seen it and perceive the value in it.

Finally, take what you’ve found and make money.

You will have found the “money consciousness.”

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