Understanding Why “They” Make It

What’s the difference between someone who “makes it” — that is, someone who gets what they want out of life and is what we would call successful — and someone who doesn’t?

I’m sure that you ask that question fairly often. I know that I do!

Is it talent?



An “X” factor?

Let’s see. While all of those are helpful, I don’t think that any one of them — or even all of them together — tell the full story.

There are plenty of talented people who won’t “make it.” Frankly, all we have to do is look at what’s on TV sometimes and it’s very easy to come to the realization that actual talent might be pretty low on the list.

The same is true for intelligence. Sure, being smart is good and even desireable, but it’s not a golden ticket to the good life. Far too many times I’ve seen it hinder people rather than help them!

I think that courage is higher on the list. Once again, though, for every “Donald Trump” out there getting face time on the news or “Richard Branson” performing an outlandish stunt, there are probably ten or more “shy” people who are quietly “making it” and living the life of their dreams.

What about an “X” factor — that unknown or undescribale element that we see in some people. Sometimes it’s amazing talent or skill and other times it’s a personal thing, like incredible charm or the “gift of gab.”

The “X” factor does play a role, without a doubt. Not everyone can thrill a crowd or attract our attention like many of the people we see on the news, especially in the entertainment world.

Again, though, it doesn’t tell the full story. Behind the scenes there is the hard work, the talent, and all the other factors that got the person to where they are.

So what is it? What is the difference between the people who “make it” and those who don’t?

The people who make it understand.

Yes, they may have one or more of the items we listed. The deciding factor in “making it” comes from their understanding.

What do they understand?

They understand how “it” works. They understand how to take the things around them and use their abilities to create what they want. They understand the nature of things, especially the things that impact their business, craft, or vocation.

Understanding is not merely knowldege. It’s definitely not rules or dogma or convention. It’s absolutely not rote processes or methods.

It’s sort of like “seeing.” When a person understands, they have a complete — or as close to it as possible — view of what they’re doing and how it interacts with everything around it.

Here’s an example: I’m certain that at some point in your life you replaced the air filter in your car. It’s an easy thing to do. However, do you understand what the air filter does? How it works? Why it’s there? Why you need to replace it? What it does for the car?

Yes, some of that is merely knowldege, but taken together it makes understanding.

And that’s why your mechanic can charge you a small fortune for even the slightest repair on your car!

With this one example I am sure you can see why — and perhaps even how — this idea of understanding is so important to you and your life.

That’s why The Master Key System is so important — because it provides you a way to truly acquire this understanding. That’s why Charles F. Haanel’s Complete Master Key Course is so awesome — because it imparts an entire philosophy that fosters the growth of understanding within you.

That’s also why the Master Key Coaching Teleseminars are so popular — and why I will continue to provide them to you free of charge. They bring to you a way to truly understand Mr. Haanel’s philosophy of success and then apply it to your life in a way that will work best.

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  1. Rhea Dsouza says:

    One thing can be understood many time. One must “Increase the Capacity” of the Skill itself. – Understanding is a Skill.

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