Staying the Course with the Master Key System

I don’t know if you know this, but we’ve reached episode #20 in the Master Key Coaching Teleseminars. We just reviewed and discussed Week Sixteen of The Master Key System.

This is a significant achievement.

You see, most people don’t make it halfway through The Master Key System.

Frankly, most people don’t even make it that far.

Most stop by Week Four.

Of course, there are sundry reasons: life interrupts; people get busy with other things; or something new and shiny comes along.

Whatever the reason, it’s sad.

You see, I’ve been studying The Master Key System for about fifteen years. I’ve been publishing it for over ten years. Through all that time, I’ve seen amazing things happen because of an intelligent application of all that the book teaches.

I began with nothing — NOTHING! — and now I not only publish all of the books by Charles F. Haanel, I also publish over a dozen others — with more on the way!

I’ve had books translated and published in so many countries that I can barely count them. China. Japan. India. Russia. Germany.

I’ve been blessed to meet and work with some of the most amazing people you can imagine — from Master Key Coaching clients to fellow publishers like Tracey Jones at Tremendous Life Books.

And more great things are on the way. (Stay tuned!)

I’m not the only one applying Haanel‘s ideas and methods, though. Other people are as well — and they are being greatly rewarded.

One person became debt-free, secured over $100,000 in capital, and opened her own practice. All in under ONE YEAR!

Another person built her dream business — a beautiful bed & breakfast.

Yet another person saved their business from collapsing and then went on to double their profits.

A fellow we coached in Haanel’s methods got his dream job.

The stories I’ve heard and the things I’ve seen would make your head spin.

But they all come down to one thing: Committment.

Are you willing to commit to learning this “stuff”?

More importantly, are you willing to commit to applying it?

The Master Key Coaching Teleseminars are being delivered to help you do just that. I’m doing them so you can get a thorough understanding of Haanel’s philosophy and then apply it intelligently.

And they have been, they are, and they will continue to be absolutely free — both to participate live during the call and then to download later.

Even with all this opportunity — from the free Master Key to free coaching — most people drop out. They don’t commit.

Instead, they look for something new. They continue on their fool’s quest for the “silver bullet.”

You should keep in mind what Haanel wrote in Week Fourteen.

27. If you enter into the discipline necessary to bring about a radical change in your life, you must do so deliberately, after giving the matter careful thought and full consideration, and then you must allow nothing to interfere with your decision.

When you make the decision to do something, you have to follow-through completely!

This also highlights something about which I wrote an article many “moons” ago: that the “Master Key” is you.

It’s not something outside you, nor is it something that is separate from you. In the final analysis the Master Key is you and you alone. It is the power of your thoughts, your actions, your perceptions, and your will.

Far too many people quest for something — anything! — to come to their aid, to bring them what they want, to use like a tool.

When you finally come to understand this philosophy, though, you will know that it is you for whom you were looking and no other person or thing.

Commit yourself to attaining your dreams. Commit to learning this wonderful system of self-mastery.

You can do it.

Because you can be what you will to be.