Charles F. Haanel on Perception: What Do You See When You See
Charles F. Haanel on Perception: What Do You See When You See

What Do You See When You See?

What do you perceive when you look at this picture?

Do you see a vase or two faces?

Do you see a vase? Do you see two faces? Can you vacillate between the two?

How about this picture?

Do you see the young girl -- or the old lady?

Is it the young woman that you see? Or is it the old lady?

What do you perceive?

Now, look at a situation that is happening in your life. Is it the “vase” or the “two faces”? Is it the “young woman” or the “old lady”?

How do you feel when you perceive it from each perspective? Which feeling do you enjoy better? Which one impels you to take action and pursue your goals?

Charles F. Haanel wrote in Week Six of The Master Key System:

They are finding that circumstances and environment follow the trend of mental and spiritual progress. They find that growth follows knowledge; action follows inspiration; opportunity follows perception — the spiritual first then the transformation into the infinite and illimitable possibilities of achievement.

“Opportunity follows perception.”

Change your perception and you can change your world.

Try it.

Change it.

Work with it.

And follow the opportunities that follow when you change your perception.

When you learn it … When you live it … Changes will happen. Click here for good changes.


  1. Zakary says:

    Woooooow! First I could only see the young lady then after a lecture frome my sister I could see the old lady!!! that is amazing!!!! COOL! 🙂

  2. Paolo Reyes says:

    I saw the old lady first. Tried to look for the young lady for 5 minutes then I had to ask my gf what she sees, and it was a young lady. Satisfied my search.

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