Month: May 2010

Quotables: Sammy Davis, Jr.

When his accountant told him that he was spending too much money and at the rate he was spending it he would be filing for bankruptcy very soon, Sammy Davis Jr. sent the accountant an expensive gold cigarette case with an engraving that read, “Thank you very much for the advice. Your friend, Sammy.”

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Charles F. Haanel on Perception: What Do You See When You See

What Do You See When You See?

What do you perceive when you look at this picture? Do you see a vase? Do you see two faces? Can you vacillate between the two? How about this picture? Is it the young woman that you see? Or is it the old lady? What do you perceive? Now, look at a situation that is …

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Charles F. Haanel’s A Book About You

This book is about you. I cannot think of a book that details and describes one’s place in the cosmic setting and how the cosmic setting can and does influences a person like this book does. Although many books have been written about the subjects that Mr. Haanel tackles in this book, I can think …

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