Easter Is a Time for Rebirth
Easter Is a Time for Rebirth

A Time for Rebirth

It’s Spring. It’s Easter. It’s a time for rebirth.

Many people look at the New Year as a time for change, a time to start anew. They make their resolutions. They make new goals. They plan for change.

That’s fine.

For me, Easter and Spring has been the time for true change.

Whether you are Christian or not, you are probably familiar with the story of Easter — about the death and resurrection of Christ. And, whether or not you believe the story is based in fact or not, it is a story that can serve as inspiration for true change.

For true rebirth.

Making changes can be hard. We’re asking ourselves to be different and to act differently. We are altering our habits and perhaps moving into uncharted — and oftentimes uncomfortable — territory. We are casting away the familiar for the foreign, the known for the unknown, the devil we know for the stranger.

Friends and family will look at us differently. They will wonder what the hell we’re doing. They’ll talk behind our backs and say what everyone says when they’re confronted with a person doing something new: “They’re crazy.” Depending upon what exactly we are changing or pursuing, they may even pull us aside and “have a little talk” with us.

If we continue with our changes — with our quest — we may feel the rocks that they throw and the barbs that they sling at us.

Worse than that, we’ll feel the doubt inside of us, gnawing and eating. While we’ll hear others’ whispered aspersions, we’ll feel like the beating of a bass drum our own thoughts of doubt and fear.

We’ll push through, though. Hopefully.

And as we leave the old behind us and continue toward the new — as we “give up the ghost” — we will see ourselves reborn, a changed person.

We’ll still meet doubters afterward, but we’ll have proof of our change. We won’t have to shout it at them, the proof will be evident for all to see.

Change is hard, but not impossible. Sometimes we’ll succeed and sometimes we’ll fail. That’s not necessarily the point, though. More often than not, the point is just in the doing.

Haanel wrote, “You can be what you will to be.” Decide what you want to be — who you want to be. Decide on the changes you will have to make — the changes you want to make. Damn the torpedoes and make those changes. Live the life you want to live.

Become reborn.

One of my favourite lines from a movie is from the movie Vanilla Sky. Sophia says to David, “Every passing minute is another chance to turn it all around.”

What are you waiting for? Embark on your “hero’s journey.”

The flower doesn’t await the sun; it reaches for it! The bee doesn’t laze about the hive; it flies far and wide!

Use this time — Spring, Easter — to become reborn. It’s your time.

You have the knowledge of your power; recognize within yourself the courage to dare and the faith to do.


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