The One Thing You Can Do That Will Increase Your Chances of Success

There are many things that you can do today — right now — that will increase your chances for success.

What is the BIG ONE, though?

Is there even a BIG ONE?

I know that there is.

It’s something that most people don’t do.

Why don’t they do it? Is it too hard? Don’t people know any better? What is it?

It’s theoretically simple, but it is a hard thing to do. But, once it is done, then success, while not guaranteed, is definitely closer. Success becomes in reach!

So, what is it?

As I wrote, it’s seemingly simple, but oh so hard to do.

It’s …


See? Simple.

Yet hard.

You have to make the decision that you are going to do something. You must stand by that decision. You must follow through on that decision and see it to the end. When you do that — and as you do that more and more — you’ll find yourself becoming … *gasp* … SUCCESSFUL!


Because successful people do what other people are either unwilling or unable to do.

Most people are not able and willing to make a decision — to choose a course of action — and stick to it.

Think about how many people declare New Year’s resolutions. Now, think about those people one, two, three months later. They’ve forgotten their resolutions, haven’t they? They’re unwilling and they’re unable.

But you are willing and able. Because you were meant to be successful. That’s why you’re here.

Now, please note one thing:

I did not write “DECIDE WHAT YOU WANT.”


There’s a big — huge! — difference between the two.

Some gurus, movies, infomercials, whatever declare that all you have to do is concentrate on the things you want. We all want things. We’re human beings. We want an infinite amount of things. Sitting around and thinking about them all the time is nothing more than mental masturbation. Or, as Haanel would write, “mental dissipation.”

While those things that you want may serve as an incentive, it’s not the thing that will bring you success

Only your actions will bring you success!

Once you begin thinking about what you want to do — whether it be starting a business, changing careers, embarking on a career, helping a charity, going on an adventure, exploring, writing a book, learning a new skill, solving a problem, going on a date — and once you make that decision, then the planning is easy. And when the plan is in place, the doing practically becomes a no-brainer.

Chances are likely that once you decide to do something, you can find someone whom you can model — and perhaps even follow their plan!

If you know where you’re going (what you want to do) and you have a map (a plan), how much will your odds of succeeding increase?

From my experience, I would say a lot. It happens with me — and I see it happen with my Master Key Coaching clients all the time.

So stop masturbating over vision boards. Become the person you want to be by your actions — by the things you do — not the things you own.

People on their deathbeds never regret not having things. They only regret the things they haven’t done!

Decide what you want to do and do it!

It’s the best — and only — way to become successful.