In Tough Economic Times, You Have to Get Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

I bet you read that title and said, “What in Tarnashun!”

I understand that. It refers to the title of the book I just published — Get Your Money Where Your Mouth Is by David Portney.

So, what is getting your money where your mouth is? Why should you do that in tough economic times? And who is this David Portney?

Let’s start with that last question first. David Portney has been doing trainings, keynote speeches, seminars, and every kind of public speaking you can imagine for over 20 years. David has conducted trainings and talks for major companies such as the National Notary Association, The Learning Annex, and The Los Angeles Times, among numerous others. He’s also the author of 129 Seminar Speaking Success Tips and 129 More Seminar Speaking Success Tips, as well as a few other books.

In other words, in the area of seminars and public speaking, David knows his stuff! I mean, he really knows his stuff.

Get Your Money Where Your Mouth Is is David’s book about, as the cover states, “How to Use Seminars and Public Speaking to Market and Promote Your Business, Profession, or Passion — Profitably.”

Once again, in other words, if you’re looking to survive these tough economic times, if you’re looking for a way to cheaply and efficiently market your business, if you’re looking for a good way to make you indispensable in your job, if you’re looking for a way to advance your career, then you need to read David’s book and, more importantly, put what he teaches you into practice.

(Or, as Haanel wrote in The Master Key System, “In the first place, we must put our knowledge into practice. Nothing can be accomplished in any other way. The athlete may read books and lessons on physical training all his life, but unless he begins to give out strength by actual work he will never receive any strength; he will eventually get exactly what he gives; but he will have to give it first. It is exactly the same with us; we will get exactly what we give, but we shall have to give it first. It will then return to us many fold, and the giving is simply a mental process, because thoughts are causes and conditions are effects; therefore in giving thoughts of courage, inspiration, health, or help of any kind we are setting causes in motion which will bring about their effect.”)

That brings us to what getting your money where your mouth is is. For that, let’s have David explain it himself.

David R. Portney, author of Get Your Money Where Your Mouth Is
David R. Portney will teach you everything you need to know about seminars and public speaking.

This book is about one thing and one thing only: how you can use seminars and public speaking to  bring in a flood of new business, customers, or interest into your business, profession, or passion all so you can put a ton of money into your bank account and cash into your pocket.


Now, if money and attention are not your things, then you might want to stop reading right now because I’m going to be telling you exactly how to bring in that flood of new business and money in the fastest and easiest and most fun way possible — and that is by doing seminars and public speaking.

I know you’ve already heard of seminars and public speaking. You’ve probably already been to some seminars. Maybe you’ve even done a few seminars or some public speaking yourself.

Unfortunately, most people are either not doing seminars and public speaking the right way — or they’re not doing it at all.

By the time you’re done with this book, you’re going to be very excited about doing your own seminars and public speaking, even if right now you think it has nothing to do with you. I’m going to show you seminars and public speaking in a whole different light and I’m going to show you what you’ve been passing up and what’s available for you right now.

I’m going to show you how to do seminars and public speaking that cost you zero money — and I mean that literally. Zero. Zip. Nada. No cost whatsoever.

I’m not exaggerating, either. I’m not saying zero and then saying that there might be some “incidental” costs involved.

Nope. I’m saying zero — not a dime, not a nickel, not a penny is going to come out of your pocket in order for you to get a huge flood of attention and income for your specific venture.

Sometimes when I talk to people about the power of seminars and public speaking they ask, “What’s the big deal about seminars and public speaking? Isn’t that just getting up and telling your story to some group?” Some people even add, “Oh, I’ve done lots of seminars and public speaking before. I’ve done a million seminars!”

That’s when I ask, “Oh, really? Would you mind telling me about your seminar results?”

And that’s when they say, “Well…umm…yeah…uhh…”

Of course, it turns out they actually have no real results.

And that’s what we’re going to talk about here — how you can get a room full of eager, hot prospects who are in your target market and as a result get massive amounts of new customers flooding into your business.

I’m also going to show you how you can turn on that flood of new business and income whenever you want and whenever you decide.

Not only that, I’m going to show you how you can improve almost any area of your personal life when you harness the power of seminars and public speaking.

I’m going to prove all that to you. I’m almost fanatical about giving you proof because I hate it when people start making all kinds of claims and promises that they either can’t or don’t prove. I’m going to give you so much proof you’re going to say “Enough already, I get it!” because you’ll be able to clearly see that what I’m telling you works.

I want to give you all this proof so that you don’t miss out on golden opportunities for your business, profession, or passion. In fact, it’s an opportunity to better your whole life. So I’m going to keep proving everything I say to you over and over again.

With all of that being said, I am going to do three things in this book:

  1. I’m going to tell you about the power of seminars and public speaking.
  2. I’m going to give you the clearest examples of what the power of seminars and public speaking can do for you.
  3. I’m going to show you how you can harness the power of seminars and public speaking for your own business, profession, or passion.

By the end of this book, you will be ready to present your own seminar on whatever topic you choose and you will be set to reap the rewards: new business, increased attention, new customers, fame, and money.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Believe me. It is.

I am extremely excited about this book. In another article, I wrote about “hardcore” self-help books and their importance in your personal development. This is one of those books that you should own, study, and put into practice.

If you don’t believe me (after all, I published it!), then read what these experts have to say about Get Your Money Where Your Mouth Is.

Peter Fogel — Speaker, Humorist, Author, Creator of Peter Fogel’s Guide to Effective Public Speaking — says –

Peter "The Humorist" Fogel
Peter “The Humorist” Fogel

“Well, if you are wise enough to absorb David’s knowledge and apply it to your own business, you will come off as an expert in your own field. And it’s a fact: Companies, clients, and customers will pay more for your services and products when you are an expert (and not a generalist) in your particular niche.”

Liz Lynch — Speaker, Coach, and Author of Smart Networking: Attract a Following In Person & Online — wrote –

Liz Lynch
Liz Lynch

“I was well into my professional career before I even considered speaking in public voluntarily. Now I can’t think of anything more rewarding than sharing my knowledge with an audience and seeing how they can instantly apply it to their own situations. But there’s more to becoming a successful speaker than knowing what to say. If you actually want to make money, why take the long and windy road when David can show you all the shortcuts? Get Your Money Where Your Mouth Is will cut miles off your journey.”

Tom Antion, the President and CEO of Antion & Associates said –

Tom Antion
Tom Antion

“I’m a veteran of over 2,500 paid presentations worldwide and have presented to both small and large groups in over 87 industries, and I can tell you that David Portney’s book, Get Your Money Where Your Mouth Is, is a comprehensive guide to using speaking and seminars as the most effective way to generate leads and convert prospects in the smartest, most effective, and most fun way I know of. This book will get you going in the right direction when it comes to marketing your business quickly and cost-efficiently.”

Dr. Myra S, White — Ph.D., J.D., and author of Follow the Yellow Brick Road: A Harvard Psychologist’s Guide to Becoming a Superstar said –

Dr. Myra S. White
Dr. Myra S. White

“David Portney’s book makes you want to immediately run out and start giving talks and seminars. He provides a practical easy-to-read guide which provides all the details on what you need to do to succeed in this arena. Even more importantly he helps you overcome those secret fears that keep you hiding in your office and shows you how to use seminars and public speaking to let the world know about the valuable talents you have to offer.”

From Australia, Dr. Jennifer Jianjun Wang — Ph.D., Wellness & Success Coach, speaker, and author — wrote –

Dr. Jennifer Jianjun Wang, Ph.D. Wellness & Success Coach, Speaker, and Author
Dr. Jennifer Jianjun Wang

“David Portney gives winning advice on how to do seminars and public speaking easily and correctly. Recommended reading for anyone wishing to take their business and/or passion to the next level.”

I urge you to get David’s new book. Even if you don’t plan on giving seminars or speaking in public, there is still a lot of information in there that is applicable to your everyday business and professional life.

Check out David. Get his books. If you want a speaking coach, hire him. (Tell him I sent you and he may give you a discount!) If you need someone to speak to your team or workgroup, then he’s the man. Need someone to deliver a keynote? You got him in David.

You may be saying to yourself, “You know, this all sounds well and good, but you’re only writing this about David because you’re his publisher.”

To that, I say to you that I am not writing this because I am his publisher; rather, I am David’s publisher because I am proud to write this about him.

If you have any questions or comments about David Portney, his book Get Your Money Where Your Mouth Is, his other books, public speaking, or anything else, then please leave a comment. I’m sure that David will take the time to respond.