Do You Know What the Secret to Life Is?

Do you know your one thing?

If not, then it’s imperative that you do. Use the Complete Master Key Course to help you find it. Enroll in a good coaching program. Take a few moments a day to enter the silence as Haanel wrote in The Master Key System.

Do whatever you have to do.

Just find your one thing.


    • Tony says:

      Hi Hattie!

      You will do well. Please keep us updated about your progress. Thank you and all the BEST!

      Have fun … Tony.

  1. Jim Vaughan says:

    Until you figure out what your “one thing” is, may I suggest…

    Pick the three people in life you most admire. Write down what you like most about these three individuals. When there’s nothing else you can add to these three lists, consolidate them into one master list. This one master list is a mythical person that has every quality you admire most in a person. Why not let this consolidated list be your guiding light and until you have a better plan, set out to become this mythical person?

    All you have to do to be great is do one thing better today than you did yesterday.

    PS: You might want to consider spending an equal amount of time “feeding your brain” as you do “feeding your body” for the same reason. Any living thing not being fed dies shortly thereafter.

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