Here's How You Can Get Lucky Whenever You Want
Here's How You Can Get Lucky Whenever You Want

How to Get Lucky All the Time

Luck is something that many people who get involved with self-help and personal development shun.

Most shun it with good reason, as the people who say that others are “lucky” tend to do so out of a sense of helplessness or hopelessness.

Other people who shun the idea of luck do so without acknowledging that something like luck exists at all.

A classic — and quite poignant — definition of luck is

Luck is when preparedness meets opportunity.

When you prepare yourself for anything, the time will arise when you will have to use your skill or knowledge. When you succeed, you’ll be called “lucky” because you knew what you needed to know.

For example, let’s say a person studied computers in school. When he went to get a job, chances are pretty good that he got a very decent paying job. People will say he was “lucky” because he prepared for when an opportunity would arise.

Likewise, a person who didn’t even graduate high school and doesn’t practice any trade or skill, will continually decry his “bad luck” as he looks in envy at those who succeed around him — those he calls “lucky.”

As you prepare yourself to handle different situations and events, and as you continue learning and meeting new people, you’ll be ready for those times when opportunity presents itself.

Why is it that the people who win massive lotteries eventually return to the same dire financial straits they had before they won?

It is not only because of their mental attitude, but also because they were not prepared to deal with wealth of that magnitude. Hence the old adage: Not only is a fool and his money soon parted, they were lucky to ever get together in the first place.

Keep yourself prepared and ready for the opportunities that life presents.

Plan your goals and prepare for them before you reach them.

A writer is a person who writes daily; he will have a portfolio ready for when an editor needs a sample.

A singer will be ready to audition at the drop of the hat.

A salesman is always at the ready and knows how and when to close the deal.

Opportunities present themselves all the time.

The only thing that isn’t always there is one’s preparedness for those opportunities.

Be the one who is always prepared and you’ll be the one who gets lucky all the time.

You should feel lucky because you read the books that prepare you to be lucky.


  1. Kathy says:

    Oh wow – I just read the sad stories of some of the lottery winners who crashed and burned (in your Loto Report link),and of course the first thing that comes to my mind is, “I’d be different.” At least I’d like to think I’d be. I HAVE to believe that, because once I’m more successful with my own business, I’ll still need a level mindset to handle the cash flow correctly. That’s where mastering the self through techniques such as The Master Key System really come in. Thanks for the post, Tony!

    • Tony says:

      Hi, Kathy!

      I think what happens when just about anyone comes into some money is –

      (1) they think the cash flow will last forever

      (2) they want to make up for “lost time” and get all of the things they ever wanted.

      That tends to be a recipe for disaster. And the lottery winners are evidence of that.

      As the saying goes: “A fool and his money are lucky they ever came together in the first place!”

      Thus, the MASTER KEY SYSTEM … The more one studies it, the less one is likely to play the fool.

      Have fun … Tony.

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