How You Can Master Your Power of Visualization
How You Can Master Your Power of Visualization

How to Master Your Power of Visualization

Visualization is the process of seeing in your mind a vivid picture of what you want or what you would like to accomplish. It is an important step in problem-solving, attaining what you want, and improving yourself.

People often ask how they can master this most valuable skill. Here are a few ways.

1. Do the exercises that are in The Master Key System by Charles F. Haanel regularly and diligently. 

One of the main goals of reading The Master Key System is to develop the mental focus that allows one to clearly visualize things. Doing and mastering the exercises that Haanel provided is one of the best ways. Work with the exercises and practice each one until you truly master it. There are no magic formulas or silver bullets to help you with this. Just persistent and diligent work.

2. Exercise your brain.

Get a math book and do some math problems. Complete a few crossword puzzles. Get a pad and pencil and learn how to draw.

These activities may seem trivial, but they all exercise the brain in different ways – just like the equipment in a gym work and exercise different muscles.

Math problems will help you to visualize numbers and logic and relations.

Crossword puzzles will help you to see words and connections.

Drawing will exercise your whole brain and help you to see things more clearly.

The brain is a muscle and if you don’t exercise it, then you are letting it atrophy. As the old saying goes, “Use it or lose it.”

3. Relax.

As you are visualizing, be sure to allow yourself to relax. As you relax, you allow things to flow better and you allow the pictures in your mind to become clearer and clearer.

This is why the first four exercises in The Master Key System are so important. Relaxation is very much a key in getting clear mental pictures. As your mental pictures become clearer and clearer, you can better develop solutions to attaining what is in those pictures or translating those pictures into reality.

Visualization is a key skill to master if you want to succeed.

It will help you to solve problems …

… it will help you to define the things that you truly want …

… and it will assist you in putting your plans into action.

As you get better at visualizing, you will also begin to see the bigger picture; you will see how things are related on the micro (small) level as well as how they relate on the macro (large) level. As you make these connections, life will take on a much grander meaning for you.

Master the skill of visualizing. It is one of the key steps to becoming who and what you desire.

Visualize yourself reading great books because that’s what I would do.


  1. Here’s a little-known way to improve your visualization skills. This may sound a bit strange, but it works. If you close your eyes and gently (gently!) press on the inside corners of your eyes with the pad of your fingers (do this gently!) you’ll see some blobs of light appear as you press (did I mention to press only very gently?)

    I read about this technique a few years ago, and I believe this explains why I have extremely good powers of visualization (I did this a lot when I was a little kid, not knowing it would help with visualization).

    Maybe just do this for a few seconds, press gently then let up, then press gently again – don’t over do it; this should be safe and effective.

    • Tony says:


      That’s a neat technique. Do you know why doing that would work? Thanks for any information you can provide.

      Have fun … Tony.

  2. David,

    That’s a great technique. I’ve given it a go. It works! Instant blobs of light.

    Tony, from my own experience that kind of blobs of light occurs when I have a powerful meditation.

    Thanks for the learning.

    J J

  3. Wow, I’m unbelievably late in getting back to y’all with the “blobs of light” thing…

    Tony, I admit that I have no idea why it works, but it does work for some reason… If I were to speculate I’d say it’s because it somehow “trains” or “conditions” us to see things with our eyes closed.

    Jennifer – glad to hear it’s working for you! – BTW I tried to check out your website but the link didn’t work (?) email me with your URL if you can.

    Catch you later,

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