Month: December 2008

The Ten Books You Ned to Read to Succeed

The 10 Books You Need to Read to Succeed

Personal development is a multi-billion dollar industry. That industry publishes literally thousands of books every year on the topic of success and how to achieve it. From the practical to the new age, there is a different flavor of book for every taste. So, which books should you read? Which books will actually help you on …

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How You Can Master Your Power of Visualization

How to Master Your Power of Visualization

Visualization is the process of seeing in your mind a vivid picture of what you want or what you would like to accomplish. It is an important step in problem-solving, attaining what you want, and improving yourself. People often ask how they can master this most valuable skill. Here are a few ways. 1. Do …

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How the Idea of "Manifesting" Is Ruining Your Chances of Success

How Manifesting Ruins Your Success

Manifesting. It’s one of those words that people are using a lot thanks to the slew of new books, infomercials, and movies that proclaim that nothing is earned and nothing is worked for, rather things “manifest” in one’s life – as long as they “ask” or “think” the right things. Want a car? Visualize it. …

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The Origin of The Master Key System by Charles F. Haanel

The Origin of the Master Key System

I received an email from a reader of The Master Key System by Charles F. Haanel. He wrote, “Since you have a lot of exposure to this material I’m wondering if you have any ideas about where Haanel got his original concepts?” There is a lot of mystery surrounding Mr. Haanel and his perennial work, …

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How the Law of Attraction Really Works

The Law of Attraction. You’ve heard about it. Probably read about it. Maybe you’ve seen an infomercial or movie about it. What is it? Is it the secret to life, the universe, and everything? Is it the source of unlimited health, wealth, and happiness? Is it something that you should practice? Does it work as …

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You Will Win When You Commit

Winning With Commitment

I’ve been learning bits and pieces of the Chinese language. I love to learn new things and learning a new language is a lot of fun. The difficult thing about learning a language is not so much learning the words, but finding someone with whom one can practice. Even if one took the time and …

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How to Recession-Proof Your Life

How to Make Yourself Recession-Proof

I’ve been publishing, coaching, and writing about The Master Key System and Charles F. Haanel’s philosophy of success for a long time. I’ve been reading and researching it much, much longer. One thing I’ve noticed is that when the words “hard work” are uttered, many people go nuts. People fight me (and those words) as if I …

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Will You Become a Success Or a Failure?

Are You Destined to be a Success or a Failure?

Accumulation is a central theme of The Master Key System and the philosophy of success as outlined by Charles F. Haanel. Whether we desire more wealth or more health, we need to be successful in order to attain it. As we go through life, we all want to know the answer to one pressing question: …

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