Charles F. Haanel and the Consciousness of Power
Charles F. Haanel and the Consciousness of Power

9 Steps to Your Consciousness of Power

Whatever we want in life, be it money, happiness, success, requires that we have power.

That does not necessarily mean power over men such as a potentate has. Rather, it is the power to realize and attain what we desire. Some of the most powerful men in the world desired no political power, but they had the knowledge required to get what they want.

Charles F. Haanel wrote in The Master Key System:

“The real secret of power is consciousness of power.”

This consciousness of power is the realization that you have the tools necessary for your continual growth and advancement. You need only to claim them and put them into motion. And it all begins with your thoughts, as this is what brings the results that you desire into reality .

To acquire that power, here is the process that Haanel outlined:

  • Every thought creates an impression on the brain.
  • Experiences come to us through the law of attraction.
  • The predominant thought or mental attitude is the magnet.
  • Like attracts like.
  • The mental attitude is our personality and is composed of  all the thoughts that we have been creating in our mind.
  • By persistent effort, we can change the mental attitude.
  • To do this, replace the pictures you have in your mind with new pictures of what you want and desire.
  • When you have done this, you will begin to attract to  yourself those things.
  • Build into your mental pictures the necessary essentials, such as determination, ability, talent, courage, power, and anything else.
  • Aspire to the highest possible attainment in anything you undertake.
  • Repeat this process as repetition builds habit.

Everything that you have is a result of this process.

Everything. Be it good or bad, what we want or what we dislike. This process describes how your  predominant mental attitude about everything is formed.

Whether you like it or not, you are using this process.

Now that you know how this process works, you can use it consciously and of your own volition.

As you can see, a good portion of this process deals with your mental attitude: what you think habitually. Like Henry Ford once said, “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right!”

If you think (and believe) that something can’t be done, then chances are likely that you will not accomplish the task at hand or attain the goal you have set.

But as you shift your thoughts to ones of success and achievement, you raise the chances that you will get what you want.

For example, if you walk into a job interview like a nervous whelp, what do you think your chances of being hired are? If it is for a good paying job, your chances are nil. If you walked into the same interview but instead of being mousy you were confident and calm (not to be mistaken for cocky or arrogant), then your chances all of a sudden become very good!

What changed?

Merely your mental attitude — what you were thinking.

Haanel wrote that “life is an unfoldment,” which means that you are building upon what you have and what you know.

You are growing.

Use the process Haanel outlined here to help you grow in a confident and strong fashion.

With power.