Beauty Hints for Your Life and Beyond
Beauty Hints for Your Life and Beyond

Beauty Hints

For Wrinkled Brows

Try the well-known cream, SWEETNESS OF TEMPER. It tones up the facial muscles, reduces wrinkles, and is very uplifting.

For the Lips

Use the marvelous lip stick SILENCE. It is particularly good for lips that have been distorted by uncharitable gossip.

For Lovely Hands

There’s really only one preparation to use. It is called GENEROSITY. Get a large size jar.

For Facial Tone

Expose the face to the MORNING AIR, especially between six and eight o’clock. The air during a morning walk or while on the way to work is especially refreshing and uplifting.

For Clear Eyes

Faithful care with that tried and true protective preparation, MODESTY. For the best results we recommend that you carry it with you wherever you go.

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It’s always good to remind yourself about the little things — because the little things become big things … eventually.

You’re Beautiful because you read good books.